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Wild Antler Powder

Wild Antler Powder

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Jagerhund Antler Chews is proud to offer a Wild Antler Powder Superfood Supplement! Great for all life stages, pups/kittens to mature furbuddies can now enjoy the same benefits of an antler chew but in the convenient form of a powder! Antlers are rich in essential minerals and bone marrow. Bone marrow has been shown to support a healthy immune system, healthy brain function, cleaner teeth and support healthy skin and coat.

Our limited ingredient, ground antler powder is simply made up of only two ingredients, Wild Elk & Deer Antlers, all hand-crafted in the USA. It's easy to add to your fur buddy's diet by simply sprinkling our antler powder on their favorite food, whether kibble, canned or raw food. Our antler power is delicious as it is nutritious and ideal for both dogs and cats!


Supplemental Superfood Powder made of Grade A, Wild Elk and Deer antlers. Made in the USA. Offered in both 2oz and 4oz packages. Ideal for both Dogs & Cats. Raw diet compatible.

Suggested Daily Serving: 1/2 tsp daily per 30 lbs body weight

*Please store in a cool dry place.

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